Redefine slacking


We need to redefine slacking.

I know I keep coming back to this topic, but as the way we work is shifting I think it's important we reevaluate the words we're using to talk about work.

Often slacking is perceived as not putting out as much as you could have. A decrease in output must be caused by a decrease in input, right? We couldn't be more wrong.

When it comes to our productivity, the relationship between input and output is not that simplistic. Moreover, it is not so much about how much effort you put in, but rather whether you are doing the right things.

I think the definition of slacking should be: consciously not doing what you need to be your best right now. This could mean that you're not writing that piece you have to get done, but slacking could also be not resting when you need to.

There is a thin line between procrastination and postponing, being honest with yourself is the only way to define on which side of the fence you are.

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