Betting on success

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Often we think of hit and miss as equal distribution. That is hardly ever the reality though.

When it comes to human interaction there are innumerable ways in which we can miss. We can misunderstand, we can misinterpret, we can project our own desires, we can hurt, be offensive or say things that are factually flawed.

There are a lot of ways we can hit too. We can truly listen, we can love, we can understand, comfort, and empathize with others.

Even though there might be infinite possibilities on both ends of the spectrum, the distribution is not equal because what's worth more is a matter of perspective.

When we look at the probability of both success and failure we should pay more attention to the subjectivity of expected value.

I'll explain with sex:

Whether you choose to use contraception often has very little to do with the actual chance of you or the person you're having sex with getting pregnant. It has everything to do with how bad you either do or don't want to have a child. We project our subjective desires onto the actual chance.

Same for entrepreneurial success, the actual chances of your company being a success or failure are often irrelevant. Whether you'll get up every morning and try to get a hit depends on how bad you want it.

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