Results are never in the future

🙋🏼‍♀️ Dearest you,

I wanted to start this newsletter lying that I consciously took a little break from writing Emma's Notes.

But honestly, I didn't, I wrote a lot but couldn't get myself to publishing anything.

For every piece I wrote I had a different excuse: not conclusive enough, too easy, not coherent.

Until I realized five minutes ago, that it's a very bad idea to be your own worst critic.

Firstly because it'll probably make you plainly unhappy.

Secondly, because chances are you won't allow any other critics to join you. And even worse: you'll prevent others from helping you with that one great idea, word, or piece of feedback as they won't see any of your work.

Whenever I do act as the president of Emmasworksucks Inc. I always fall for the false idea that results are something in the future. They are not. Results are something we can only see once we look back.

You see, the most vital characteristic of results is that they are solidified. They are something that has happened. This is the opposite of everything that is in the now and future. Those things are every changing and in progress.

Process is what's now and what will always be.

Whenever you are stuck in a creative process, please remember that results will only be in the past.

What helps me a lot is to put all the results behind me and to leave a blank canvas before me. Nothing I have to reach, just free room to play. And who knows, you might look back one day and see some results that make you proud :)

Have a great week,

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